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Father’s Day Restaurant Reservations

For 2016, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 19. As you are probably aware, this is one of the biggest days of the year at many restaurants. Father’s Day Brunch has become very popular in recent years. So popular that several locations now recommend you make lunch or dinner reservations in advance. Usually, this is just a simple matter of calling ahead and reserving your table for a specific time on Father’s Day.

While you’re on the phone, be sure to confirm the hours of operation for June 19. Also, this is a good time to ask about any special deals or promotions the restaurant may be offering during the holiday. Some restaurants now allow you to make reservations online from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Modern technology is a wonderful thing!

Don’t take a chance at showing up and not being able to enjoy that special meal with Dad! Be sure to make your Father’s Day 2016 reservations as soon as possible. This will ensure a table and a memorable dining experience at his favorite restaurant on June 19th.