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Stores & Restaurants Open Regular Hours on Grandparents’ Day

For 2016, Grandparents’ Day is on Sunday, September 11th. Since this is not a major holiday, nearly all stores, restaurants, and shopping malls will be open with normal hours of operation. There will be special sales and promotions at some locations, however.

Many people still do not realize there is a Grandparents’ Day. This includes the grandchildren as well as the grandparents. Now you know, so you have no excuse. You don’t have to buy them expensive gifts. For many senior citizens, just having someone come over and spend time with them is most appreciated gift of all. If there’s some little thing they particularly like, bring that with. It will be a great surprise. Especially if they were unaware that it’s their special day!

Grandparents’ Day only happens once a year. Be sure to remember your grandparents and do something nice for them on this Sunday.