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Everyone needs to know if their favorite stores, restaurants, and shopping malls are open or closed on holidays. Problem is, where do you find the information? You could spend hours digging through newspapers and surfing the Internet to find merchants’ holiday hours and open/closed status. Or, you could let me do it for you!

Nearly 12 years ago, on 11/11/11, I started HolidayShoppingHours.com. At the time, nobody else was providing a source for this information in a complete, convenient format. Through several revisions, that blog has evolved into what you see here today. After getting many requests to do so, regular business hours were added to my site. I compile operating schedules and hours of operation, then post them here for shoppers and diners like you to reference as needed.

HolidayShoppingHours.com is exactly what it says: hours and open/closed status without all the nonsense. I’m just a “little guy” who can’t afford to build a fancy-schmancy website. Instead, I focus on what’s important: getting you the information you need without useless filler. I keep my articles short so they load quickly and are easy to read on your mobile phone. Just the facts, minus the fluff. This site is updated on a regular basis, usually every morning. There’s nothing worse than a website that never gets fresh information!

The information provided here is correct to the best of my knowledge and ability. However, no list of operating schedules can be 100% accurate. Hours of operation at stores, restaurants, and shopping centers are constantly changing. This is especially true today, due to COVID-19 and ongoing labor shortages. Because HolidayShoppingHours.com is not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned on this site, holiday and regular daily schedules listed here can not be guaranteed. To be certain, it’s always best to call the establishment directly and verify their hours before heading out.

If you see something here which doesn’t look right or if you feel something is missing, please let me know so that I can investigate and correct, if necessary. Contact Drew: cheapolife@gmail.com. I will respond as soon as I am able. Please DO NOT use this e-mail address for spam or add it to mailing lists without permission.

HolidayShoppingHours.com is not affiliated with any of the stores, restaurants, or brands mentioned on this website. In no way does HolidayShoppingHours.com claim to represent or own their trademarks or products. Any trademarks appearing on this website are the exclusive property of their owners. My opinions are my own.

Thanks so much for choosing the original HolidayShoppingHours.com this holiday season!