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Open or Closed Valentine’s Day Friday February 14

March 17, 2024

Just a reminder, Valentine’s Day 2025 is Friday, February 14. Although Valentine’s Day is a fun romantic holiday, it is not a federal or state holiday. So, it is usually not considered a holiday for the purpose of having special hours of operation. This means most restaurants, stores, shopping centers and malls will be open regular hours. If you’re planning on taking your special someone to the movies, out to eat, or attending any other event, you should find that everything is running on regular schedule for Valentine’s Day. You might want to plan ahead and make those dinner reservations, however. The “good places” tend to fill up quickly on the evening of February 14th.

Even though most venues will not have special Valentine’s Day shopping hours, don’t think there won’t be plenty of Valentine’s Day sales! These have become popular in recent years, so most stores, restaurants, and malls now have Valentine’s Day sales and/or special promotional deals and events scheduled for February 14. Check with your favorite places of business to see who is having the biggest and best shopping events in your area. And of course, don’t forget to head back to the grocery and discount stores on February 15 for half price Valentine’s Day candy. For me, half price candy on the day after is one of the highlights of this particular holiday! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!